Denying a Grandparent

I don’t speak to the man who is responsible for 50% of my being, and haven’t since I was 15, so that’s 8 years. I found that bloody hard at the time- inexplicably so, but it was 100% for the best and I don’t miss him or question my decision anymore. The only thing that […]

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Charlie’s Fight

I’ve been following the Charlie Gard story with bated-breath and open ears. As soon as you hear that a case concerns an 11 month old baby, you start to listen. When you learn that it involves the parents’ right to treat their son, you can’t stop listening. Charlie suffers from the rare genetic mitochondrial disease […]

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Traumatic Tears and The Fear

Tired, anxious, scared, protective, overwhelmed. Just some of the words that describe how I’m feeling after last night. The day started off so well- perhaps too well. She was so smiley and chatty in bed in the morning, napped for hours with me, was gurgling and goo-ing on our walk, ate well, the whole shebang. I’d […]

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Rainy days

What is going on with the weather at the moment? It’s gone from blazing 34 degree heat, to dark, damp and downright miserable. I’m not going to lie, now that I have a baby, I prefer this weather to the scorching burn-worthy fire pit that was last week, but it’s bloody confusing given that it’s […]

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