A jab to the heart…

Just got home from O’s vaccinations. It. was. AWFUL. She SCREAMED until she couldn’t breathe and I’ve never seen her scream like that, through pure pain. She had 3 injections and 1 administered orally, including the meningitis B one which will make her feverish according to the nurse (greeeeat). As soon as the kind nurse […]

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Bloody boiling

Well, it is BLOODY boiling and has been for a few days. I’m not complaining.. although my hayfever is through the roof and no pharmacy will give me any tablets on account of my breastfeeding- nasal spray and eye drops won’t do, I need the hard stuff to kick this to the curb.. but it […]

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A really GOOD day.

I’ve just had the NICEST day. I don’t even know why really, it’s just been generally lovely. I’m going to write about it so that I don’t forget it and can remind myself when I’m ratty and stroppy. To be honest, the day didn’t start off that well.. Little One was up at 3, then […]

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Country Fair in the City

A country girl through and through, I’m not ashamed to admit that when I read that the common by our house was to be transformed into a country fairground this June, my levels of excitement not only reached, but went well above those deemed cool or generally acceptable for a 23 year old. My day […]

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The Twilight Zone

I’m at a funny age. My 23rd birthday this year wasn’t a big thing- partly because I was 9 months pregnant and had just had the most amazing baby shower that I felt couldn’t be topped, but mostly because it’s sort of a ‘non-age’. It’s lost the excitement of turning 20 and 21, and it’s […]

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Here goes…

I am writing this (my first ever blog post!) from the bath after a long day. The type of long that only a new parent knows.  This particular ‘long’ included using scissors to cut a vest off my daughter after a poo explosion that shot (just typed ‘shit’ by accident, lol) out with such force that it seemingly blew through […]

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