10 Things my Baby has Taught me

I’d say I have learnt a lot from Ottilie. She was only born 3 and a bit months ago, but from the second she came into our lives we couldn’t imagine them without her. It’s weird, I just assume that she was also there in the time before and have to actively remind myself that she wasn’t… but in a REALLY weird way it genuinely feels like she was always there, just waiting for her time to join us.

My life and self have obviously changed exponentially since conceiving and in every way for the better, but here are some things that we all could learn from babies- and I don’t mean how she’s changed me- rather how she lives her life in ways that we all should:

1. Wear your heart on your sleeve accept how you are feeling and express it. Cry when you are sad, laugh when you’re happy and don’t think about the consequences or impressions of doing so

2. Give everyone a chance

3. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Secondly never look upon it negatively

4. Listen to your mind. Feel emotions intensely and give into them

5. Think only of the things you NEED, don’t get bogged down by the irrelevant

6. Do not give a second’s thought to other peoples’ opinions

7. Be kind to yourself

8. Live freely never apologise

9. Remain curious and in awe of nature

10. Do not jade the world with any preconceptions or past negative experiences, every day is a new day.

She is so innocent and pure as she is and I’m going to try my absolute hardest to keep her that way, whilst trying to counteract naivety. Does anyone know do you do that?!




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