Simple Pleasures

It’s the Wednesday after a perfect bank holiday weekend and I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from the bank holiday blues. It made me think, though- what was it about this weekend that made it so great? We didn’t do anything groundbreaking. Saw family, went on a walk in the lavender fields, had […]

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Sustainability with a Baby

I’ve always been fairly environmentally-conscious. I always try to recycle (Emma I’m looking at you here), generally try to be mindful, and don’t eat meat (though must confess that I dooooo eat fish – albeit only once a week). One of the main reasons that I have cut out meat is because of the environment, […]

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Someone else’s judgment, or my own? 

I think my old friend Anxiety came out to play yesterday.  We were having a really nice day – a morning walk and breakfast at The Flying Cloud (an airstream we stumbled upon on the bank of the Thames in Teddington), then I was meant to visit my friend from work who gave birth a […]

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When Giving in doesn’t mean Giving Up

I am argumentative, always have been, probably always will be. I love a good ‘debate’, never shy away from an argument and almost always stick up for what I believe in. I was the one who, aged 14 at school, told the teacher who would shout and SCREAM at us all until he was red […]

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10 Things my Baby has Taught me

I’d say I have learnt a lot from Ottilie. She was only born 3 and a bit months ago, but from the second she came into our lives we couldn’t imagine them without her. It’s weird, I just assume that she was also there in the time before and have to actively remind myself that […]

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