Rainy days

What is going on with the weather at the moment? It’s gone from blazing 34 degree heat, to dark, damp and downright miserable. I’m not going to lie, now that I have a baby, I prefer this weather to the scorching burn-worthy fire pit that was last week, but it’s bloody confusing given that it’s now almost JULY. 

That’s right, over half the year has already gone by and baby O will be 3 months old next month. Time truly is flying. I’m so excited for her to start sitting independently, crawling and standing and am fascinated with finding out when other babies reached these milestones so that I have a rough idea of when to expect them- they honestly feel more exciting than Christmas… but then there actually IS CHRISTMAS!! I am SO excited to have Christmas with O. I’m a big, big fan of the old man in red, and it’s going to be so insane with a bebe there too. I know that I shouldn’t wish away this time, and believe me, I’m not. She’s changing before my eyes and I caught myself again last night going through the very first photos we took of her. She’s so small and squishy, yet to grow into herself, but unbelievably gorgeous and the most beautiful newborn ever. I think I’m experiencing one of the great paradoxes of parenthood- so looking forward the future, but also not wanting time to move too quickly and to bottle up these moments and memories forever and freeze time. 

It’s kind of the same with co-sleeping. F and my mum have been saying lately that we need to start getting into a proper bedtime routine for her, and train her to sleep in a cot (we have well and truly given up on the Moses basket!) I know that it’s got to happen some time, and that my quality of sleep will much improve, but in a way I really don’t want her to leave our bed. Now this IS partially down to laziness and I’m prepared to admit that. Rolling over to feed her in bed and drifting off to sleep with her suckling is much more appealing than having to heave myself out of bed, bleary-eyed and try to feed and send her off to sleep again. It also seems like such an impossible task because she is so far from being able to sleep on her own at the moment. But mostly, it’s because I know that once this time ends, we won’t get it back. I love waking up and seeing her next to me, all warm and snuggly and smelling divine. For now, I’ll enjoy her as she is, with me 99% of the time. But if anyone knows any good cot deals…..


2 thoughts on “Rainy days

  1. Your sleep dilemma sounds so familiar to me. I pushed to extend bed sharing but due to external pressures we moved our baby to the crib at 6 months. Turns out the baby and I both sleep so much better when bed sharing… But we just don’t know if practice will improve crib sleeping, so we keep trying. Definitely cherish those amazing cosleeping moments. Last night my lo slept for a 3 hour stretch from 12am-3am and when she woke for milk I missed her so much I brought her back into our bed for the rest of the night. Anyway, glad to have found your blog on Instagram!


    1. Aw thank you, this is so nice to hear!!!! Ottilie is only 2.5 months and last night I kept thinking about her not sleeping with us, and didn’t like the thought of it!! Let me know if perseverance works for you guys, I’m not looking forward to the transition!! X


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