In the interest of honesty… is racism still prevalent in Berlin?

Debating whether to write this, but decided that in the interest of honesty, I had to.

F is in Berlin on a work trip with his company. O and I had a really rough night last night. O’s temperature flared up so I was sorting Calpol at 3.30am, trying to cool her down, and changing her diarrhoea- filled nappy throughout the night. As a result, today I am shattered and was feeling rather sorry for myself until F rang me on Facetime. I actually ignored the first call because I was half asleep… but relented and answered at 10.27am (about time we got up anyway). Here is what he had to say…

He and his best friend and business partner (V) had been out having some beers last night. At about 1am, F went to go back into the restaurant from outside, to be greeted by V, shirt ripped, covered in blood, bruised, scratched, earrings missing. He had been jumped by the 10 or so waiters and attacked for no reason. They then started on F once they saw they were together (and F tried to defend V). Much to their relief, the police then turned up, but rather than defending the two boys, they sat F on the floor and two policemen guarded him, and took V into their van. They left them there for hours, (this happened at 1am and they didn’t get back to the hotel until 6) and then drove V miles away, and dumped him somewhere random, in the middle of Berlin- a city he does not know. Meanwhile they let F go.

The boys have no idea why this happened, but can only assume that it was racially driven (V is black). I know V well and he is not an aggressive or antagonistic person. Neither is F, and neither of them speak German. I am in shock, and so are they. Needless to say, I just want them home now, but they aren’t back until Saturday. Two more sleeps.

It put my sleepless night, safe, at home in Richmond into perspective. F showed me his bruises and cuts on Facetime, and then sent me a video of the t-shirt I gave him from Baby O, covered in blood. I can’t believe that this stuff happens- is racism still prevalent in Berlin? It appears so. How can people do this? I have a lump in my throat and adrenaline is coursing through me, mostly because I know that the attackers will never get their comeuppance.  I can’t imagine what the boys are feeling, and feel so awful for Vaughn (F is fine, just shaken up).

To top it off, whilst I was holding O in bed, listening to F tell his story, she diarrhoea’d so explosively that it went up the back of her nappy and ALL over the sheets. You literally could not write this shit. Looking forward to Saturday immensely.


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