‘Get it over with’ 

There’s a woman I sometimes see; I’m awful at ages but I’d guess she’s ~60, she’s very friendly but also occasionally makes comments that make me cringe… that are a bit close to the line, or just plain weird- you know the type. She loves Ottilie and wants to hold her every time I see her; […]

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Simple Pleasures

It’s the Wednesday after a perfect bank holiday weekend and I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from the bank holiday blues. It made me think, though- what was it about this weekend that made it so great? We didn’t do anything groundbreaking. Saw family, went on a walk in the lavender fields, had […]

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Sustainability with a Baby

I’ve always been fairly environmentally-conscious. I always try to recycle (Emma I’m looking at you here), generally try to be mindful, and don’t eat meat (though must confess that I dooooo eat fish – albeit only once a week). One of the main reasons that I have cut out meat is because of the environment, […]

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Denying a Grandparent

I don’t speak to the man who is responsible for 50% of my being, and haven’t since I was 15, so that’s 8 years. I found that bloody hard at the time- inexplicably so, but it was 100% for the best and I don’t miss him or question my decision anymore. The only thing that […]

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Charlie’s Fight

I’ve been following the Charlie Gard story with bated-breath and open ears. As soon as you hear that a case concerns an 11 month old baby, you start to listen. When you learn that it involves the parents’ right to treat their son, you can’t stop listening. Charlie suffers from the rare genetic mitochondrial disease […]

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